About Lisa Reed

 Lisa Reed, Oil Painting Artist
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Lisa Reed is a landscape artist currently based in Three Forks, Montana. Through her oil paintings, she aspires to capture the quiet side of nature in a clearly representational style. She draws inspiration from the beauty and peacefulness of the rural and semi-rural areas in which she has lived for most of her life and time spent immersed in outdoor sports and activities.

Born in 1957, she grew up on the North Shore of Long Island, New York, surrounded by the artwork of her paternal grandmother and contemporary cousin, both of whom were accomplished amateur artists.  Early on, Lisa wondered if the family artistic gene had passed to her generation and began experimenting with drawing and painting. It was clear that it would someday be an important part of her life.

She opted for a Political Science major in college, followed by a corporate job and raising a family. It was not until 2005 that Lisa returned to painting seriously. Since 2006, she has taken painting classes and workshops with Gary Godbee, Peter Fiore, and Russell Case, among others and a mentorship program with Jay Moore in 2020.

From hyper-realists to impressionists, she finds inspiration in the works of many historic artists including Claudio Bravo, Maynard Dixon, Sanford Gifford, Edgar Payne, Eric Sloane, Camille Corot, and Alfred Sisley. In addition to those she has studied under, comtemporary artists she is influenced by are Clyde Aspevig, Josh Elliot, Kyle Polzin, Kyle Ma, Richard Schmid, and Thomas Daly.

Lisa’s work has appeared in various group exhibitions in New Jersey, specifically at the Somerset Art Association (known today as the Center for Contemporary Art) for four consecutive years and for three at the Tewksbury Historical Society’s annual Art Show. In 2009, she had a solo exhibit at the Wallflowers Gallery in Bernardsville, New Jersey. Her works are part of private collections in fourteen U. S. states and a private collection in Argentina. Two of her paintings belong to the Somerset Hills Country Club in Bernardsville, New Jersey.

In 2015, after living in north-central New Jersey for thirty years, she and her husband, an avid outdoorsman and conservationist, moved to southwest Montana. They have two grown children. When not at her easel, she enjoys racquet sports, fly fishing, hiking, downhill skiing, sewing, cooking and flower arranging.